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Our Medical Billing Services

Under the best of circumstances, medical billing is complicated. As the CPT codes are modified, fee schedules go into freefall, and changes to the Affordable Care Act kick in, it can start to feel impossible to stay abreast of the latest updates. Why not turn to an experienced medical billing company with the necessary training to recoup the money you’ve earned?

At Heartland Medical Billing & Consulting, we offer more than traditional medical billing. In addition to helping you gather outstanding receivables, we also ensure that your credentialing is up to date and offer consultation to doctors to ensure that they get the maximum amount they deserve.



Every insurance carrier requires medical professionals to be credentialed, but each carrier has their own unique requirements. Some require recredentialing every three years, but you’re not sure when the anniversary date arrives until it’s too late. Why not let a trained, experienced billing professional take over the process? Heartland Medical Billing  the documentation required to keep credentialing up to date, and once you’re part of our team, you’ll get preferential treatment to ensure you’re never caught short. Better yet, we won’t charge you extra for this courtesy.

Medical billing

Medical Billing

There’s more to effective medical billing than simply submitting the billing every week. At Heartland Medical Billing, we make it our mission to help you generate the maximum amount of income possible. We start with a full audit, correcting coding errors and rebilling any outstanding issues. We update charge sheets and ensure that your charts are compliant with the law. We’re proud that our clients get the most they can when they submit claims; in fact, many of our clients recoup as much as 99% from insurance. We work with clients around the country, and we bill to 40 different insurance carriers. Don’t wait until it’s too late to make the changes to your billing practices that could dramatically impact your practice’s bottom line.

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After nearly two decades working in the field of medical billing, we’ve accrued a lot of knowledge. We’ve worked with many clients in many situations, and we’re happy to help you navigate the challenges related to dealing with insurance carriers. Our tenacity serves us (and our clients) well. If we don’t know an answer, we don’t stop until we get one.

Our Approach to Medical Billing

Numbers-01Stop the Stress

If you find yourself awake at night, wondering if you’re using the most recent CPT codes that will ensure you get what you’re owed from insurance carriers, you’re not alone. You became a doctor to practice medicine, not to take on the complexities of medical billing. Leave it to the professionals who are fully trained on the latest code changes each year. Free up your time to do what you love: help your patients.

Numbers-02Percentage-Based Pricing 

Think that medical billing is not in your budget? Think again. Heartland Medical Billing charges one flat percentage for all of our services. You won’t get sticker shock at the end of the month when you open the statement to find tons of hidden fees. We’re committed to total transparency— you’ll know what you’ll be charged and why. Better yet, our pricing is inclusive; you won’t have to pay extra for recredentialing, statements, or any of the other services that set us apart from our competitors. We want you to get the help you need, no matter the size of your practice.

Numbers-03Real Results 

As the old saying goes, the proof is in the pudding. Practices who follow our prescription for medical billing recoup as much as 99% of revenue available from their insurance carriers; those who don’t get significantly less. We are relentless when it comes to collecting what’s owed to you, and we don’t stop until we get it. In addition to increased revenue, Heartland Medical Billing also helps you collect outstanding revenue faster.

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Medical Billing Areas of Expertise

Heartland Medical Billing assists an array of medical professionals— essentially, we offer billing services for every aspect of medicine apart from ambulances.  Here are a few of the specialties we serve:



As of 2010, OB/GYNs make up 5% of the the total physicians in the US. Tens of thousands of these physicians treat women of all ages all across the country; many of them practice privately, without the benefit of a internal billing department. Heartland Medical Billing gives you the backup you need to ensure that your billing is handled competently and professionally in a timely fashion.



Neurosurgery is among the most complicated specialties to bill. Why not entrust that complex task to professionals? Heartland Medical Billing has worked with neurosurgeons, ensuring that everything they undertake is properly billed and the maximum amount of money recouped from insurance carriers.



The world of eye care offers unique billing challenges— what’s billed to medical insurance, and what’s in the purview of vision insurance? If you’ve got questions, or if you feel that you aren’t getting the most you can from your submitted billing, trust Heartland Medical Billing to take on the responsibility. You’ll be delighted by the results!

 family practice

Family Practice

With the many different ailments treated by a family practice every day, it’s too easy for small errors to occur that might keep your claim from being processed in a timely fashion. As the codes change each year, trust your billing to experienced, highly-trained professionals who are up to date with the latest modifications.

Why Heartland Medical Billing & Consulting

You might think all professional medical billing companies offer the same services. That’s not the case. At Heartland Medical Billing & Consulting, we don’t just pick up the billing where you leave off— we take it back to the start with a complete billing audit.

We don’t want you to leave any of your money on the table. We firmly believe that you’re due every penny the insurance carriers say they’ll pay, and we’ll rebill your outstanding claims until we feel you’ve gotten all you can. And we don’t stop there. We ensure you’re informed of every step we take as part of our commitment to radical transparency. With that in mind, we’re a one-stop shop, charging you just one flat percentage for all of our services.

While our competitors quote one price and tack on additional “fees,” we charge you a percentage that encompasses everything we do. Forget the hourly charges for consultation, fees for statements and postage, or surprises on your monthly bill when it’s time to renew your insurance carrier credentials.  


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