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About Heartland Medical Billing & Consulting


Stacey Dill has worked in medical billing for nearly twenty years; in April 2008, Stacey founded Heartland Medical Billing & Consulting, and she’s helped doctors all over the United States recoup the most they can from insurance carriers.

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Medical Billing Areas of Expertise



OB/GYNs make up 5% of the the total physicians in the US. These physicians treat women of all ages all across the country; many of them practice without the benefit of a internal billing department, displaying the true entrepreneurial spirit we admire. Heartland Medical Billing & Consulting provides the backup you need to ensure that your billing is handled competently and professionally in a timely fashion.



In the world of medical billing, neurosurgery is among the most complicated specialties. Why wouldn’t you take that complex task off your plate? Heartland Medical Billing & Consulting has worked with many neurosurgeons, ensuring that each procedure they undertake is properly billed and the maximum amount of money recouped from insurance carriers.



The world of eye care offers its own unique billing challenges— what procedures are billed to medical insurance and what’s under the purview of vision insurance? If you feel that you aren’t getting everything you can from your submitted billing, put Heartland Medical Billing & Consulting on the case. You’ll be delighted by the results!

family practice

 Family Practice 

With the wide array of ailments treated by a family practice doctors each day, small errors can slip through the cracks. This will keep your claims from being properly processed, which will make an impact on your bottom line. Codes change annually— are you sure that you’re up to date? Trust your billing to experienced, highly-trained professionals who knowledgeable about the latest modifications.

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The team at Heartland Medical Billing & Consulting work with doctors who possess an entrepreneurial spirit, remaining unaffiliated from hospitals or big medical networks.

Our years of experience, extensive education, and hard-earned certifications work together to inform our work; we’ve recouped more than $30 million for our clients from insurance companies. In other words, our methods work.

We’ve built our reputation on satisfying our customers.


Our Services

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Every insurance carrier requires medical professionals to be credentialed, but each carrier has their own unique requirements. Some require re-credentialing every three years, but you’re not sure when the anniversary date arrives until it’s too late. Why not let a trained, experienced billing professional take over the process? Heartland Medical Billing & Consulting the documentation required to keep credentialing up to date, and once you’re part of our team, you’ll get preferential treatment to ensure you’re never caught short. Better yet, we won’t charge you extra for this courtesy.

Medical billing

Medical Billing

There’s more to effective medical billing than simply submitting the billing every week. At Heartland Medical Billing & Consulting, we make it our mission to help you generate the maximum amount of income possible. We start with a full audit, correcting coding errors and rebilling any outstanding issues. We update charge sheets and ensure that your charts are compliant with the law. We’re proud that our clients get the most they can when they submit claims; in fact, many of our clients recoup as much as 99% from insurance. We work with clients around the country, and we bill to 40 different insurance carriers. Don’t wait until it’s too late to make the changes to your billing practices that could dramatically impact your practice’s bottom line.

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After 19 years in the field of medical billing, we’ve accrued a lot of knowledge. We’ve worked with a variety clients in lots of different situations— we’ve got the experience required to help you navigate the choppy waters of insurance. Our tenacity serves our clients well. If we don’t know an answer, we don’t stop until we get one.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get pricing information?

At Heartland Medical Billing & Consulting, we know your time is valuable. With that in mind, you simply need to fill out the short form at the bottom of this page to get information about our pricing. Or, if you prefer, you can call our office at (405) 735-9700. When you call during normal office hours, you won’t get a recording— you’ll talk to an actual person.

Do you work with other practices like mine?

While we have areas of specialty, including OB/GYN and neurosurgery, we can handle just about every type of medical billing, excluding ambulance services. If you’re not sure that your specialty is included, contact us— we’ll let you know if we can handle your billing.

What's it like to work with Heartland Medical Billing & Consulting?

When you entrust your billing to Heartland Medical Billing & Consulting, you can relax. You’ll know that when you have a question or a problem, you’ll reach a person, not a machine. You don’t need to fear opening your statement at the end of the month— after all, our pricing is based on a percentage of the amount we collect each month. You won’t get any nasty surprises in the form of hidden fees. Better yet, you’ll know that we’ll get the maximum amount from your insurance carriers. No more fear that you’re not getting all that you can when you bill for your services.

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We offer our prospective clients a no-obligation consultation. After we’ve assessed the situation, we’ll give you a free quote.

Whether you choose to work with us or not, you won’t be charged for our time— when we say there are no strings, we mean it!

Fill out the form, or call us at (405) 735-9700.

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