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Vision Medical Billing for Your Practice

Vision care patients always have a lot of questions about what’s covered by their vision insurance plans. Answering those questions requires valuable staff time. 

At Heartland Medical Billing & Consulting, we become fully integrated into your practice and use the latest EHR software to handle electronic health records. This allows us to take insurance pressure off of your staff so they can get back to providing excellent vision care. 

We’ll handle the details of your vision care billing efficiently and professionally while you handle the patient care.


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Why Work with Heartland Medical Billing& Consulting?

Medical billingWe find any existing mistakes and fix them. Before we start billing, we do a complete audit of your existing billing and re-bill any errors and anything that’s still outstanding. During the process, we keep you informed about any problems that we notice and troubleshoot why they happened.

Icons-01 (1)We set up your medical coding and billing software, which you keep even if we part ways. When we set up the software for your practice, we do it with “radical transparency.” You’ll always know what we’re doing and why we do it. If our partnership ever should come to an end, you’ll keep the software AND the data.

consulting (1)We keep you informed. You might notice this is a bit of a theme—at Heartland Medical Billing, we’re committed to what we call “radical transparency.” When we make changes, catch errors or create a strategy that will increase your bottom line, we want to be sure that you understand it. We want to talk to you! When you call us, you’ll talk to us—not a machine or automated system.

CredentialingWe handle your credentialing. Not sure when your re-credentialing anniversary falls? Or maybe you don’t even know if certain carriers require you to renew your credentials? No problem. Heartland Medical Billing has the experience and know-how required to ensure that your credentials are always up to date.

visionOur billing is predictable and easy to understand. When you get your statement at the end of the month, you’ll know what to expect. There are no tacked-on last-minute fees—we bundle everything, from postage to credentialing to time spent discussing our findings, into one predictable fee.

obgynWe have experience with vision billing. We’ve worked with many vision practices over the course of our career, and we have the knowledge required to ensure that you’re getting the most you can from each insurance carrier. Working with experienced medical billers will help you improve your practice’s bottom line.

About Us

Since 2008, the team at Heartland Medical Billing & Consulting has worked with doctors who possess an entrepreneurial spirit, remaining unaffiliated from hospitals or big medical networks.

Our years of experience, extensive education and hard-earned certifications inform our work; in the last decade, we’ve recouped more than $30 million for our clients from insurance companies. 

Our methods work, and we’ve built our reputation on satisfying our customers.



How can I get pricing information?

At Heartland Medical Billing & Consulting, we know your time is valuable. With that in mind, you simply need to fill out the short form at the bottom of this page to get information about our pricing. Or, if you prefer, you can call our office at (405) 735-9700. When you call during normal office hours, you won’t get a recording— you’ll talk to an actual person.

Do you work with practices like mine?

OB/GYN practices are one of our specialties. We understand the unique needs of the OB/GYN, and we’re familiar with the most current codes that will help your practice recoup the maximum amount of money available. Additionally, our insistence on continuing education helps us stay up to date with the ever-changing medical insurance laws.

What’s it like to work with Heartland Medical Billing & Consulting?

When you entrust your billing to Heartland Medical Billing & Consulting, you can relax. You’ll know that when you have a question or a problem, you’ll reach a person, not a machine. You don’t need to fear opening your statement at the end of the month— after all, our pricing is based on a percentage of the amount we collect each month. You won’t get any nasty surprises in the form of hidden fees. Better yet, you’ll know that we’ll get the maximum amount from your insurance carriers. No more fear that you’re not getting all that you can when you bill for your services.


Icon-blue-social-message-icon"I was in such a desperate need for help with my claims after my employee of 16 years left.  A friend told me about Heartland Medical Billing & Consulting and how happy they have been with them.  My prayer was answered and I could not be more pleased."

Lois Chappell
Bosom Friend

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